Women's Jazz Shoes [2021]: For the people that love Jazz!

Women’s Jazz Shoes [2021]: For the people that love Jazz Dancing

Women’s Jazz Shoes: For the people that love Jazz Dancing: We all love Jazz music and dance, right? Well, especially if you are here, it means you are already in love with the dance style. While street dance and hip-hop have shiny moves, Jazz dance is more of a competitive dance that focuses on everything from dancing to the clothing, and yeah, also at your shoes.

Jazz shoes are quite different; to a beginner, they may look quite similar to ballet shoes because of the toe area shape. However, these shoes help you get a better grip on the dance, making you look more attractive while dancing.

If you are a woman, looking gorgeous on an excellent dance is quite essential in competitive dance. That’s why I fetched you our list of best women’s jazz shoes for women.

Women's Jazz Shoes [2021]: For the people that love Jazz!
Women’s Jazz Shoes [2021]: For the people that love Jazz!

Tips before buying the Women’s Jazz Shoes

  • Take a look at your budget and the features you want in your Jazz Shoes. 
  • Check the size and measurements chart of your shoe before buying it, do not go for the same size as your street shoes, as they won’t be comfortable in that size.
  • Check all the options before selecting your jazz shoe.
  • Get the opinion of an experienced dancer if it’s your first time buying a jazz shoe.

Women’s Jazz Shoes

ImageProductDetails  Price
Capezio Women's EJ2 E-Series Jazz Slip-OnCapezio Women’s EJ2 E-Series Jazz Slip-OnColor: Black
Details: 100% Leather and fabric with Synthetic sole
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Bloch Dance Girl's Super Jazz Leather And Elastic Slip-On Jazz ShoeBloch Dance Girl’s Super Jazz Leather And Elastic Slip-On Jazz ShoeColor: Black
Details: 100% Leather with Rubber sole
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Capezio Women's CG05 Jazz ShoeCapezio Women’s CG05 Jazz ShoeColor: Caramel
Details: 100% Leather with Synthetic sole
Check Price
Theatricals Adults Lace-Up Jazz Shoes T7302Theatricals Adults Lace-Up Jazz Shoes T7302Color: Tan
Details: PU Leather with slip-on
Check Price
Danzcue Adult Leather Jazz ShoesDanzcue Adult Leather Jazz ShoesColor: Black
Details: Split sole with strong leather
Check Price
MSMAX Adults Leather Jazz Dance ShoesMSMAX Adults Leather Jazz Dance ShoesColor: Black
Details: 100% Leather with Suede sole
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Soft Leather Split Sole Jazz TapSoft Leather Split Sole Jazz TapColor: Black
Details: Leather with Lace-up
Check Price
Theatricals Girls Lace Up Jazz Shoes T7302CTheatricals Girls Lace Up Jazz Shoes T7302CColor: Black
Details: PU Leather with a Lace-up closer
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Capezio Women’s EJ2 E-Series Jazz Slip-On

Capezio Jazz Shoes in our list is quite an attractive shoe while at the same time being reliable. The shoe gets made from pure leather and fabric and comes with a sole made from synthetic material.

I like this shoe because of it’s Slip-on category, quite an easy to wear shoe, and you can change it within a minute. The lining is of cotton, and the leather is also relatively smooth that provides you easy movement.

The EVA pad sole and insole gives your feet quite a comfortable platform to rest, while the non-slip counter helps you stay on your feet always.

Bloch Dance Girl’s Super Jazz Leather And Elastic Slip-On Jazz Shoe

The next shoe in our Women’s Jazz Shoes is the Bloch Dance Girl’s Super Jazz Leather And Elastic Slip-On Jazz Shoe. This shoe is made particularly for kids from 4 to 8 years; however, if you plan to get your daughter into jazz learning classes, this might be the best option.

Bloch shoe gets made from a pure leather shoe with a rubber sole that takes on the impact and keeps your feet in a comfortable position. The soft grain leather doesn’t restrict any movement while giving the person the freedom to move in any way. The lining in this shoe is also cotton that will let your feet breathe.

Capezio Women’s CG05 Jazz Shoe

The next shoe is also from the Capezio Jazz Shoes; the CG05 is an exquisite and comfortable shoe you want to keep with you. The shoe gets made in the USA and with pure leather material that provides a durable and robust approach. 

Sole is made from synthetic material so that you won’t feel any stiffness while dancing. The EVA sole also reduces the chances of you slipping or getting hurt by increasing the traction just to the right amount.

The PVC heel is there to support and take all the shock from the surface, so you won’t end up getting injured or getting blisters.

Theatricals Adults Lace-Up Jazz Shoes T7302

The next Jazz shoe is the Theatricals Adults Lace-Up Jazz Shoes T7302. While slip-on is comfortable to wear and saves your time, the lace gives you a luxurious look. However, many people are fans of lace shoes.

Why? Well, it’s classic, looks elegant, no chance of ever slipping off without you knowing. The Theatrical shoe here provides you a simple yet quite attractive look with PU leather fabric and a classic slip sole.

The heel comes with a rubber sole, while the upper leather is soft, and the lining work gets done with cotton. This shoe also gives you an EVA split sole that makes your dancing experience relatively comfortable.

Danzcue Adult Leather Jazz Shoes

The next shoe in our Women’s Jazz Shoes is the Danzcue Adult Leather Jazz Shoes. The shoe comes in an affordable price range for adult shoes. While the jazz shoe price is reasonable, there is no compromise on the features.

The shoe features strong upper leather with a split sole that gives you comfort and traction. The toe area’s shape also allows your toes to spread enough not to get hurt while dancing.

It’s nice and simple and can be a great show shoe that you can wear on stage or theater. However, do order a size up in this shoe if your toes are more comprehensive for a comfortable fit.

MSMAX Adults Leather Jazz Dance Shoes

MSMAX Adults Leather Jazz Dance Shoes is another affordable Jazz shoe on our list that provides a great look with useful features. The shoe comes with leather material and our first suede sole shoe in this list.

The shoe gets made from quite a breathable, lightweight, and good quality leather fabric. The outsole is flexible and provides some elasticity to get fit on your feet.

You can even use this shoe for different dance styles, including the sexy salsa dance. The sole also provides the traction and control of your movements where you won’t slip.

Soft Leather Split Sole Jazz Tap

The next Jazz shoe is not that affordable, but surely worth buying. We got another lace shoe with an elegant design that can be worn by women or even men. It comes with a leather sole and soft leather upper like the name says, that provides you an excellent fit for your feet.

There is also the toe box in this shoe to help you with the toe stands and other toe movements you want to do while dancing. Other than that, it also contains a memory foam insole footbed, which we all know might be the best comfortable sole for feet.

Theatricals Girls Lace Up Jazz Shoes T7302C

The last Women’s Jazz Shoes that I want ro cover is the Theatricals Girls Lace Up Jazz Shoes T7302C. Now the previous Theatricals lace shoe was unisex, but this is for girls. This shoe is quite attractive, and the shiny shoe also provides a similar feature as the previous one with a little lower price.

The shoe has the same PU leather material, with a soft upper and EVA split sole, rubber heel, and a cotton lining. So if you were interested in previous Theatrical’s shoes, you should surely want to check this one before deciding.


As we saw, so many different Women’s Jazz shoes are there for you to try and select, so feel free to take your time and choose the one that is best for you!

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