5+ Ways of How To Stretch Rain Boots Calves: Stretch Rubber Boots

5+ Ways of How To Stretch Rain Boots Calves: Stretch Rubber Boots

5+ Ways of How To Stretch Rain Boots Calves: Stretch Rubber Boots 

I think boots are the shoes that are awesome for rainy seasons and places with lower temperatures. It gives you a fashion sense and also keeps your feet warm and comfy. Many of the boots also come with fur inside to give you an extra warm and comfortable feeling.

Especially when you are wearing rubber boots that help you in the rainy season, at the same time, we think that most of the time, we want our rainy boots to stretch out a little bit more. So if you also want to know how to stretch rain boots calves or how to stretch rubber boots, then keep reading.

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5+ Ways of How To Stretch Rain Boots Calves: Stretch Rubber Boots

Q&A Related to How to Stretch Rain Boots Calves

Q. Is there a way we can avoid working hard on stretching them?

  • Yes, buy a new pair of shoes, and this time buys the ones that fit your calf.

Q. Can soap and wash them will help get the shoes to loosen?

  • No, the question of them getting stretched out by washing them out is out of the question. Even if it does stretch out after a while, it would be because of you wearing the boots, not because of washing.

Q. Does oiling work in rubber boots?

  • No, while oiling rubber boots are effective and help you sometimes, it won’t work on the rubber boots.

Can you even stretch rubber boots?

Before thinking about how to stretch rain boots calves, can you stretch rubber boots? Well, yes, you can! It’s not easy to ruin your boots, so you need to be careful while doing that.

They are not as easy to stretch as leather boots or shoes. However, it’s possible to stretch your boots. You can do that with these methods to answer your question about how to stretch rain boots calf. So let’s start learning more about these methods:

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Methods For How To Stretch Rain Boots Calves

can you stretch rubber boots
can you stretch rubber boots

Dry Heating

This method requires your house hair dryer that will help you get your rubber boots to stretch out. It might be the first time you will hear this, but it’s one of the effective ways to stretch rubber boots. So let’s see the steps:

  • Start with wearing long socks that will save you from the heat of the blow dryer.
  • Make sure your calves are covered so you won’t get burned, and wear—thick cotton socks.
  • Start the blower and put it to medium heat, and start blowing the heat to tight areas.
  • Blow each area for 10 to 20 seconds and make sure it gets heated.
  • I recommend flexing your calves or bending them while doing that so they stretch more. 
  • Once you get done doing that, start walking in your shoes for a while till the rubber boots get cooled down.
  • If it’s not stretched, repeat a few more times, and it will work for you.

Moist Heat

The following method in our how to stretch rain boots calf is the moist heat method. This method is safer than the previous dryer method we did and will have lower chances of getting hurt. So let’s get started with it:

  • Start by getting a zip lock bag or something that can hold hot water and pour some hot water into the bag.
  • Now place them on the area of the calf or even other areas that you want to expand.
  • You can wear boots just like the previous way while putting a bag, but it’s okay to stuff some socks inside them even if you don’t.
  • Let the bag sit there till the time the hot water gets room temperature or a little cooler.
  • After that, put your boots into the oven for a few seconds to get them more stretched out. Make sure you don’t put them on for a long time, maybe 20 seconds or less.
  • Then when they cool down, remove the socks and try them on, and you will see the difference for sure.


The freeze-up method on our list of how to stretch rain boots calves is quite similar to the previous method. However, this time we will use ice instead of your hot water. We all read in school that water molecules tend to expand in volume when they freeze. So now it’s time to try that:

  • The method is easy; all you need is a zip lock bag filled with water and tightly packed.
  • Place that bag into your boots near the calf area, make sure the bag gets filled enough to stretch the calf area.
  • Put it in the freezer for a while. I would recommend that you leave your shoes for at least a day in the freezer.
  • After a day, please take out your shoe and let it rest for a while till it reaches room temperature.
  • Once they are at room temperature, try them, they will surely fit your calf better.

Calf stretchers

 how to stretch rain boots calf
how to stretch rain boots calf

The following method of how to stretch rain boots calf will indeed stretch rubber boots but will take time. There aren’t any special steps needed to explain as it’s super simple.

Buy a calf stretcher from a store or purchase it online. Once it’s there, then all you need to do is wait and wear the stretcher. Make sure to be patient with it, as it takes quite a while to give you a stretched-out boot.

Wear Them

I know you must think as if we didn’t know that already, Sid? Why we came here to learn about how to stretch rain boots calves. Well, you may have heard this for leather boots already, but yeah, sometimes it’s that simple.

Want to save money from stretchers and go through the trouble of drying. Then start wearing them after a few days of uncomfortable feelings and feet; your shoe will start to stretch out. As in the end, they are still rubber shoes so that it won’t be that hard.

Homemade Liquid Solution for Stretch

stretch rubber boots
stretch rubber boots

Well, there are lots of liquid solutions to help you stretch rubber boots. You can go and buy one and follow my steps, or else you can first make it yourself and then follow these steps. All you will need is alcohol and some warm water.

  • Start by mixing an equal amount of alcohol and warm water and stir it into a solution.
  • Take a spraying bottle and pour your solution into that bottle.
  • Start spraying the solution on the calf areas or other areas that you want to stretch out.
  • Make sure to get the spray inside and out and then wait for it to dry up.
  • Once they are dried, try them on and check if it’s working or not?

Get A Cobbler

This step in our list of how to stretch rain boots calves is the last method and should get used once you lose all hope. It will surely help you stretch rubber boots, but it will cost you.

All you need to do is go to a good cobbler and tell him about the situation, and he will be able to give you a solution and stretch them for you. Make sure to tell him the places you need to stretch, or else he might stretch the whole shoe.

How To Stretch Rain Boots Calves
How To Stretch Rain Boots Calves


As we read, you can first buy boots that fit your calf area and for which you don’t have to search how to stretch rain boots calf. However, once you are here, the methods given above will surely help you.

All of them are proven and have worked for most people helping them stretch rubber boots. Make sure to read all Q&A and follow the steps in correct order to get the answer of how to stretch rain boots calves.

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