How To Prevent Heel Slippage in Boots and Shoes

5+ ways of How To Prevent Heel Slippage in Boots and Shoes

How To Prevent Heel Slippage in Boots and Shoes

While we buy new shoes and get excited to wear them, one problem comes up. The problem of your feet getting slipped because of Heel Slippage. What is Heel Slippage?

Heel Slippage is when your foot slips out of the shoe from the back while walking or running. At the worst thing, sometimes it comes off in the middle of a dirt road and gets your shocks or feet dirty.

Heel slips can be harmful and sometimes very shaming as well; imagine you on a date, and suddenly that happened. So how to prevent heel slippage in shoes? Well, I will tell you 11 tips to prevent Heel slips.

How To Prevent Heel Slippage in Boots and Shoes
How To Prevent Heel Slippage in Boots and Shoes

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Q&A regarding Prevent Heel Slippage

Q. Are heel slips common in new shoes?

  • Yes, it gets considered very common to happen to most people.

Q. Why does heel slippage happen?

  • Primarily because of the wrong size, especially when you buy more giant shoes.

Q. Is there a fast way to prevent slips in new boots?

  • Well, you can try bending and breaking it till it gets comfortable on your feet and don’t slip off. If not, then follow the below steps.

Q. Can regular slips cause foot problems?

  • It creates friction, so sore feet, and blisters can happen in some cases and give you an irritating feeling.

How To Prevent Heel Slippage in Boots and Shoes

There are different ways to prevent slippage, but all of them contain fixing heel slip in a straightforward and doable way, so follow these steps, and you can fix and slippage.

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Install Lace Anchors

Prevent Heel Slippage
Prevent Heel Slippage

It’s one of the quickest and straight-up ways to prevent slippage; all you need to do is get a lace anchor. We all know how laces come off quickly when you are running or walking for a while.

Then the foot slippage can occur more than usual. So to prevent that, you can buy a lace anchor and put it on the lace, and after that, you can stop laces from getting loose even after the intense pressure.

It’s a pretty effective way to stop heel slips, and you won’t even have to worry about tying laces in a friendly bow method. Just a simple lace will be enough after the lace anchors get installed.

Non-slip Socks

The following method is also a product and easy to wear. Most of the time, heel slip can get caused by your socks when they are easy to come off from the shoe. So to prevent slippage, you can wear non-slip socks.

These socks are thick and cozy, save your feet from the order and give you a very comfortable experience. They create friction, and it is not easy to get off while you are walking or running in your shoes or boots.

Get The Right Size

Prevent Heel Slippage in Boots and Shoes
Prevent Heel Slippage in Boots and Shoes

If your slippage is constant, then the problem might be in your shoe size. It can be that your shoe is a size or more significant that is easy to come off, and that’s why heel slips seem familiar in your case.

So make sure while buying shoes get the right size that fits your feet and keeps them comfortable. Also, don’t go for a small shoe size that way; heel slip won’t be a problem for sure.

However, your feet will get sore, and the toes will get cramps giving you many problems like sore feet, blisters, etc. So it’s not worth wasting time on bigger or smaller shoes; get the right size for yourself.

Use Double Sided Tape

This method gets used by celebs all over the world for quick occasions. Sometimes the shoe doesn’t match their size, so heel slips are not that strange to celebs.

Then they use the double-sided tape method to prevent slippage. It’s not the permanent method and won’t even last a day because the stickiness will go away with sweat and time. This method should only get should for an emergency when you have to attend someplace for few hours.

Boot Dryer

Heel Slippage
Heel Slippage

Another way to prevent heel slippage is by avoiding the moisture inside the shoe. You can do that by using a boot dryer and drying the boot inside to avoid any moisture and decrease the chances of heel slip.

However, while you are using that, make sure you don’t use them regularly as it can also ruin the boots’ material and get them old. So be careful while using the boot dryer method.

Tongue Pads

Sometimes the heel slippage can get caused because of the tongue of the shoe slipping off and getting ripped. To prevent that, you can use a tongue pad.

The tongue pad will help you keep your feet below and stick to the shoe. Also, you can feel your feet staying in one place and not shifting or moving anywhere. This method does consider a quick and promising way for slips.

Inbuilt Non-slip Soles

The method explains itself in its name. When you are buying a shoe, make sure that it has inbuilt non-slip soles. That way, your heel will be held nicely and decrease the chance of heel slippage.

It’s one of the easiest ways to prevent heel slippage, as you will buy a shoe and nothing else. That’s your solution, get a non-slip sole, so the heel stays in one place.

Hair Spray

What will you do with a hair spray, and how will it help you prevent heel slippage? You have to joke with us, Sid. Well, sorry, but it is a valid method and used most of the time.

The hair spray gets your feet a little sticky, and that is what stays inside the shoe and doesn’t come off quickly. Yep, your hair spray not only holds your hairs in one place but also your slippery feet.


You can also line up your shoes with cushions, foams, insoles, and different kinds of inserts. That way, the gap that is letting your feet slip off will not be there. To prevent heel slippage, this gets to consider a good way.

Especially for shoes and boots, as it won’t show from outside and you can put more comfort in your shoe. Also, you can fill as much as you like, and it won’t even affect your shoe materials and help it keep as new.

Walk Properly

I know it’s rude, but that’s one of the common reasons why heel slippage happens. Sometimes people walk in a very rough and weird manner, Instead of walking normally.

So you can walk nicely and straight without jumping and going too much side to side. It mainly will happen to kids as they love to walk playfully, leading to heel slips.

Have Patience

Prevent Heel Slippage in Boots and Shoes
Prevent Heel Slippage in Boots and Shoes

Well, the last thing you can do is wait. I know you will think: Wow, Sid, like we didn’t know it? It may sound simple, but heel slippage is also a problem when getting new shoes. So why not wait?

When your shoe gets a little old, like a few weeks, it will stop happening. The shoe will get adjusted to your feet, and instead of slipping, I will bend and stay with your feet. It’s a possible way, but it surely can be irritating till the heel slips stop.


As we saw, it could be a pain in the butt if it’s not stopped soon. Ensure you follow these steps, and indeed many steps will help you prevent heel slippage.

It also gives your feet some friction, and constant friction can even give you blisters and sore feet if you don’t want to go through all that heel slippage problem. Then follow the tips and use them to get a comfortable experience.

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