How To Fix Or Replace Boot Heels That Are Broken And Damaged?

How To Fix Or Replace Boot Heels That Are Broken And Damaged?

How To Fix Or Replace Boot Heels That Are Broken And Damaged?

Many of us buy boots and love to wear them regularly, especially those who work in construction and rough places. Boots can handle even the most complex surfaces and even wet rains.

However, sometimes while walking, you can break your heel. So that time, we all want to know how to replace boot heels. So if you also want boot heel replacements ideas, then keep on reading as I will give you some great tips that you can use to get a boot heels repair. 

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How To Fix Or Replace Boot Heels That Are Broken And Damaged?
How To Fix Or Replace Boot Heels That Are Broken And Damaged?

Q&A regarding how to fix or replace boot heels

Q. What causes the heel of the boot to break down?

  • Certain factors can damage a heel or even break the heel, but the most common is heel slippage.

Q. Is there a way to avoid boot damage?

  • Yes, the simple way is to get rid of the problem; you can read all about it below.

Q. Can you fix a damaged heel, or do you need to replace it?

  • It depends on the damage. There are ways to fix damaged parts that are also get mentioned below.

Q. Do these methods work?

  • These methods mentioned in this article are to help you, and yes, they work.

Why do boot heels get damaged or break?

Why do boot heels get damaged or break?
Why do boot heels get damaged or break?

The most common reason for a boot to get damaged is because of getting a heel slippage. Heel slippage is the worst thing because of boots being new or more significant in size.

That’s when it can break your shoe because, in heel slippage, the boot gets turned at an angle it should not. That can lead up to your broken or damaged heel.

If you are looking for how to avoid heel slippage before finding replace boot heels ideas. Then click here to find the ways you can stop the heel slippage.

Can you avoid the boots getting damaged, so you don’t have to replace boot heels?

Well, there is a straightforward way, and it’s by getting a boot that fits your feet perfectly. As I said, the sole and heel get damaged because of the heel slippage.

To avoid heel slippage, you can get a shoe that fits your feet perfectly. Don’t get bigger or smaller; measure your shoe size and get the exact number and letter-size shoe that fits your foot. That way, your heel won’t get damaged, and you won’t have to look for boot heels repair ways. 

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How to fix or replace boot heels?

How to fix or replace boot heels?
How to fix or replace boot heels?

While you may be looking for ways to fix or replace boot heels, there are so many ways that it can confuse you. So I give you the methods that work and help you with your boot heel replacements

Fix or Replace sole

The most common way that your boots get damaged is by the sole. We all have that experience where the sole gets detached from the shoe because of the slippage, and it can be from the heel part or the front.

Well, if only a little bit of sole or the whole sole has come off from the heel area without getting damaged. Then, boot heel replacements won’t be necessary. You can get super glue and stick it with the help of glue. Make sure you hold it down tight for a few minutes so the glue sticks ideally to the sole.

However, if the sole of the shoe is damaged and some area is ripped or broken. Then it’s time to replace boot heels, so buy a new sole and follow this procedure:

  • Take off the whole sole from the shoe; if it’s not getting away, then use a knife. Sometimes it can also get attached with a powerful glue; then, you can use a blow-dry for giving heat on the areas, so it gets easier to come off.
  • Once you get done taking off, change the old sole and place the new sole.
  • Let it settle down for a while, and then you can try the sole. Sometimes soles can need extra glue, so you can put the super glue for extra safety if you want.

Fixing or replacing the damaged area with duct tape

Most of the time, certain areas get slight damage, like some part of the sole getting ripped or broken. At that time, boot heels repair doesn’t get required; some simple methods can help you at that time.

If it’s minor damage from the bottom of the heel, then you can take a piece of duct tape and fix it with that. Also, it gets advised to replace the damage from the inside of the shoe. So it would help if you took the sole off and then put the duct tape on all damaged areas.

Fixing the damaged area with the sole adhesive

Boot heel replacements
Boot heel replacements

To get your boot heels repair, you might even use sole adhesive. It’s a glue for a sole that you can use to fill any damaged area or fill a hole that happens from a nail or some rock. It’s one of the easiest boot heels repair methods, but you need to be careful while using this method.

So make sure that you get a glove and wear it to avoid the direct hand contract from the glue. After that, put only enough glue to make sure there is no overflowing.

Or else you might get an uneven surface, and that will not be comfortable while walking. You can use ways to avoid the overflowing of glue while you are trying to replace boots heel.

Use Ice Cube

I know you must be thinking, what an ice cube has to do with the replace boot heels or boot heels repair? Well, not too much, but not too less either.

If you are using glue and it overflows, you can use an ice cube to smooth the surface of the glue and even it out. Once you get done doing that, leave the shoe for about a day, and that way, you can get a smooth surface.


If the replace boot heels method of using an ice cube doesn’t work, you can take sandpaper and smooth it using sandpaper. Take the sandpaper and start rubbing the area of overflowed glue, and soon, you will see that it will get smoother and even out.

Anti-slip rubber heel

Anti-slip is one of the best boot heel replacements you will find. Same way as we did in the sole, but this time we will only replace boot heels.

This method should get used when only the heels are damaged and broken, so you can get an anti-slip heel made from rubber and fix your boots in a few minutes.


The last way to fix or replace boot heels is by going to your local cobbler. There you have to give money and save yourself from all the trouble of boot heel repairs.

The local clobber can fix your boots, whether it’s the sole damaged or heel damaged. However, explain to the cobbler precisely what you need, or else the cobbler may do some extra, and you won’t love that.

Boot heels repair
Boot heels repair


As we show above in the boot heel replacements article, you can break your shoe easily. So make sure first to avoid that from happening. So make sure you read the heel slippage article as well.

If it does happen to you, then follow the steps. Read the Q&A and follow the methods and get a perfect way to fix your shoe to replace boots heel quickly.

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