Shoes Rubbing Heel

How To Break In Shoes That Rub Heels 2021

How To Break In Shoes That Rub Heels

Well, when we buy a new pair of shoes, we want to wear them as soon as we can, and all day. However, sometimes the shoes rub heels, and it can hurt a lot. It also gives you blisters and sore feet that hurt for days.

So how to break in shoes that rub heels? If you also want to know why shoes rub the back of heel and get a solution, don’t worry. I will give you many solutions that will help you with shoes rub heels.

How To Break In Shoes That Rub Heels
How To Break In Shoes That Rub Heels

Q&A regarding How To Break In Shoes That Rub Heels

Q. Is it common for new shoes to cause blisters?

  • Yes, especially if they are leather-made, they can easily cause the cutting of skins and blisters.

Q. Why do the shoes give our feet blisters and cut the skins?

  • It’s because they create friction created by contact with shoes and feet when the shoe size is either too big or too small.

Q. What’s the quickest way to get rid of them?

  • The quickest way will be getting a shoe that fits right in every area and doesn’t create room for friction.

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Tips on How to Break In Shoes That Rub Heels?

Shoes Rubbing Heel
Shoes Rubbing Heel

There are lots of tips that you can use that have been proven helpful and helped many people. The steps of getting rid of shoes rubbing heel are:

Buy the right size

The first step in how to break in shoes that rub heels tips are to buy a shoe that fits right. If you can get a shoe that barely fits and get a lot of friction and blisters from it, that will eventually ruin your feet and give you sore feet.

So the best way is to get to a store and try the shoes by yourself and wear them for a while and walk and check if it creates friction and is suitable for your feet. That way, you won’t have to worry about shoes rubbing heel.

Protecting the Hot Spots

Shoes Rub The Back Of The Heel
Shoes Rub The Back Of The Heel

In how to break in shoes that rub heels, the most common solution is covering the hot spot that gets a blister and gets affected by the shoe. Then wait for the shoe to get used to the foot.

If you cannot find hot spots, wear your shoes for about an hour and walk in them. After a while, you will feel it, and the hot spots will be red because of friction because of shoes rubbing heel. Then you can use these methods on your hotspots:

  • You can use oil or moisturize, put it on your feet, and get rid of the friction. As the dry feet get friction created, but if you have oil or moisturize on your feet, it won’t create friction, which will help your feet not get blisters.
  • Then you can also use masking tape or ordinary transparent tapes to save your feet from generating friction. Transparency is the best way to go, especially if you are going outside, as no one will notice it, and you won’t even get embarrassed.

Get an Insole

The following method in how to break in shoes that rub heels are by getting an insole that fits your shoe correctly. Sometimes the insole can help your friction problem.

It lifts your feet, and the feet don’t get in contact with the friction areas as much as they would without an insole. Insole will also provide a tighter fit for your foot, so it won’t have much movement to move and slip off.

They help you get a comfortable experience by having a nice soft insole with a better grip and also decrease the friction from the shoe and your foot. What else would you want?

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The following method in how to break in shoes that rub heels list is the moleskin way. It’s a product you can buy at a drugstore, and it can get effectively used for keeping your feet safe from getting blisters and getting your skin cut from the heel of shoes.

Start by getting moleskin and get it above the shoe and draw a line according to the shoe. Make sure to trace the places and areas that get affected by friction. Cut down the traced region of the moleskin and stick it inside of the shoes.

Make sure the shoe is clean before you do that and doesn’t contain dust. Then you can also use it on your feet directly by cleaning your feet and then cutting the moleskin. It will help with shoes rubbing back of heel. Also, wear tight socks above it so it won’t go anywhere.

Wear thick socks

The best and quickest way to break in shoes that rub heels lists are by wearing thick socks. Friction and shoes rub heel will happen when you give the feet and shoe a way to contact.

So the quickest way to avoid that is by avoiding contact. That’s where a thick sock will help you get the friction off. However, make sure the shock is thick enough and not thin, or else you might still get the blisters and cuts.


Shoes Rub Heels
Shoes Rub Heels

The following method in how to break in shoes that rub heels list got explained by me in another article on stretching rubber boots. It gets based on the same phenomenon.

You don’t have to wear your shoes as soon as you get them if they cut your feet and the shoes rub heels. Instead of that, you can stretch them with thick socks and a blow dryer.

Take the shoes and wear thick shoes if you want to stretch them, then wear the shoes. Once you start the dryer and blow on, you want to stretch, and that gets cut. Do that for 20 to 30 seconds and repeat a few times. Then let it cool down and then try wearing it without socks and if it still gives friction, repeat till it’s flexible.

Ice bag

The next following method in how to break in shoes that rub heel list is an ice bag. If your shoe Is not a rubber or leather shoe and doesn’t get flexible by heat, then it’s time for ice.

The easy way to prevent shoes rubbing heel is by getting a zip bag and fill water to fit your heel area. Then put the shoe with the bag into the freezer and leave for a whole day.

By doing that, you will see the water will turn into ice, and It will expand as water molecules freeze and expand. This method will also expand the areas of shoes.

How To Break In Shoes That Rub Heels
How To Break In Shoes That Rub Heels


As we read in our article, there is no easy way to get through the blisters and no solution for how to break in shoes that rub heels. So you will have to break into your new shoes by struggling.

Keep it up, as it’s worth it; however, these ways will surely help you with the struggle of breaking into the shoes rubbing heels and cutting your feet. So make sure you follow all the tips and read the Q&A to get the best way.

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