How To Break In Cowboy Boots In 5 Easy Ways

How To Break In Cowboy Boots In 5 Easy Ways

How To Break In Cowboy Boots In 5 Easy Ways

We all love wearing boots, especially if you live near the countryside or in the country regions, then you sure are a fan of Cowboy boots. If you have never worn a cowboy boot, then you are missing a lot.

So while cowboy boots come in different leather and material used to make them, one problem can always arise in each cowboy boots, and that’s them being uncomfortable or tight on your feet.

So when you go through that, we all want to know; how to break in cowboy boots. If you also want to know how to break in cowboy boots, keep on reading the article as I will show you some of the effective methods.

How To Break In Cowboy Boots In 5 Easy Ways
How To Break In Cowboy Boots In 5 Easy Ways

Q&A regarding how to break in cowboy boots

Q. Is it possible to break in cowboy boots?

  • Yes, and it can get done in many ways, but you need to be careful while doing them.

Q. The best and easy way to avoid getting the small cowboy boots?

  • Well, don’t buy them online; try going to a store and trying them by yourself for the best fit. If you do buy them online, then make sure you measure your feet’ size and width.

Q. Will stretching my boots going to damage my cowboy boots in any way?

  • Most of the methods that we will show you are safe and won’t destroy your shoe. However, some methods can fade the color if used many times.

Q. Can boots get stretched on their own?

  • Yes, they do, but it takes time, can be very painful, and even cut your skin and give your blisters and sore feet.

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Ways to how to break in cowboy boots

Break In Cowboy Boots
Break In Cowboy Boots

Wear Them

The first way to break in cowboy boots in our how to break in cowboy boots list is by wearing the boots. You can wear them around and wait for them to get used to your feet.

Make sure you wear two socks while wearing the shoes; that way, your feet will not get that much friction and get blisters.

Also, this method can be painful and can give you sore feet and even swollen feet if you wear them for half a day. So make sure before you do this method and if you do, then do it at your own risk.


How To Break In Cowboy Boots
How To Break In Cowboy Boots

The second way is something that gets commonly used for how to break in cowboy boots. This method requires you to have either a cloth steamer or the steamer kettle form to see the steam getting out.

You start with getting your steamer on the parts of your boots that you want to stretch. Then follow these steps:

  • Put the steamer on parts of the shoe for 20 seconds that you want to stretch out.
  • After that, stretch the areas of the boot from inside with your fingers.
  • Then repeat that steaming process, but this time for 15 seconds.
  • Wear your socks and boots and walk in them till the fabric is dryer off.
  • You can wear them for an hour and then also leave them to air dry.
  • Also, make sure you don’t get the steam in the inside of the shoe.

This method’s only bad thing is that you can get your boot’s material to fade if you use it way too much.

So make sure how many times you want to try this method and be careful about the timing while you are steaming your boots. Please don’t leave the steamer for more than 20 seconds, or it can fade the material.

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Lukewarm Bath

When you want to know how to break in cowboy boots, and nothing is working for you, then it’s time for a bath. Let’s drop those bad boys in the bathtub. I know, it seems absurd even to think about dipping your boots in a bathtub filled with water.

However, it is one of the most proven methods for how to break in cowboy boots. So believe me, what you need are lukewarm water and your cowboy boots. Then follow these steps:

  • Start by dipping your shoes in the water, making sure that water doesn’t get inside the boots.
  • Don’t cover the mouth if that’s what you are thinking, as you will need to stretch your boots from inside.
  • Once they are in, start stretching the areas with your fingers from the inside of the boots.
  • Don’t keep your boots in the water for longer than 20 to 30 seconds.
  • Repeat the process just one more time, and then take it out.
  • Wear socks and shoes, and walk-in till almost the boots are entirely dryer off.

This method also has the same problem as the previous method, where you can fade your material. Other than that, it’s a pretty decent way to get your shoes to stretch out.

Get that Ice bag

This method is on our list of how to break in cowboy boots and is undoubtedly worth giving a try. If your heat is not working in this situation, then why not try the opposite?

We all know that water expands when converted into ice because its molecules expand. So we will use the science for stretching the boots out by following these simple steps.

  • Get a bag and fill it with enough water to exactly fit the boot areas that you want to expand.
  • Once you get that ziplock bag filled with water in the boots, all you need to do is get that boot inside your freezer.
  • Leave them for a day in there and then take it out, get the boots to dry, and get back to room temperature.
  • Once it gets done, try wearing your boots, and it will get stretched out.
  • In some cases, repeat the process, or else you should get done with one try.

You might not like this method because it consumes a lot of time and requires you to wait for around a day. So if you are looking for how to break in cowboy boots quickly, then the method is not for you.

Boot stretcher

How To Break In Cowboy Boots
How To Break In Cowboy Boots

The last method that I will tell you about how to break in cowboy boots is a simple way but will cost you. We will use the product that comes just for this reason.

The cowboy boot stretcher is also a way to don’t have to do a lot of work. All you need is a boot stretching spray which you can buy from the same place. Then follow these steps;

  • Spray the boots stretching spray on the areas of boots you want to stretch out.
  • Once done, get the boot stretcher in and adjust it to your requirements.
  • Once you get done stretching it, lock it in that position and leave it for 6 to 9 hours.
  • Then remove the stretcher after the time is up, and voila, you have an excellent stretched boot.

People might not like this method because it can be costly, but other than that, it’s the safest and effortless way to how to break In cowboy boots.


So as we saw and read in our article on how to break in cowboy boots. You can break in by using various methods, from warm water to an ice-cold freezer. So make sure that you pick the right way for you and follow that. Also, read the Q&A and all the steps carefully to avoid any damage to your new cowboy boots.

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