Blouse Boots

How To Blouse Boots In Easy ways

How To Blouse Boots In Easy ways

Blousing Boots can be one tricky thing if you don’t know how to do it? If you do know them, it’s not something as hard as it may seem.

Before learning how to blouse boots, you need to know that you can only blouse boots and not your sneakers or running shoes. I know some of you thought about that.

Now we will learn all about bloused boots and even learn how to blouse pants. Sometimes people do this for fashion, but this is not supposed to get used to fashion sense.

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How To Blouse Boots In Easy ways
How To Blouse Boots In Easy ways

Q&A regarding Bloused boots

Q. What type of field of work requires blousing a boot?

  • Workers like military and construction workers usually need to blouse boots so the dust won’t get inside the pants.

Q. What’s the use of bloused boots?

  • It saves you from derbies, insects, cold wind, etc.

Q. Do it take a lot of time to blouse?

  • No, the most it takes is a couple of minutes once you get used to doing the steps.

Q. Can I blouse my boots without thick socks?

  • You can but not advisable, as the straps and bands are tied tight that without thick socks it can stop the blood circulation around your leg.

Why do people blouse boots?

Blouse Boots
Blouse Boots

Well, the reason for Blousing boots was for the military and people that serve the country outside or border areas where excellent roads do not protect them.

Bloused boots aimed to save the army men and women from cold derbies and letting any insects under their pants. It’s simple and one of the best ways to save yourself from all these troubles.

Even hunters and people that go on hiking and trekking learn how to blouse boots before going. As that saves them from insects and cold while camping and hiking through forest areas.

Does it take time to blouse boots?

Well, nope, all it takes is less than a couple of minutes of your time. It’s a pretty valuable skill needed for survival if you go hiking anywhere near the forest.

While many people think bloused boots take a lot of time, it’s not true; it’s super easy and quick once you get hold of the methods. So let’s check some of the methods out and know-how to blouse boots.

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Quick and Easy Methods to Blouse Boots

There are few different methods for knowing how to blouse pants and boots. Although, I will give you four easy and quick ways to get through the process, and it will be indeed easy.

Bloused boots by using Elastic bands

One of the most used methods that people use is by buying an Elastic band. This way is super cheap and gives you easy and guaranteed safety from insects, derbies, dust, and cold.

  • Elastic band
  • Thick socks (above ankle level)
  • Boots
  • Military or similar pants

Make sure your socks do not ankle length as you need them to be higher than the length of your boot, don’t wear short socks at all, but don’t wear socks that are till the knees. Once you got all these things, you will need to follow these steps to blouse boots:

  • Wear your pants, socks, and boots, and then up your pants above the level of socks.
  • Take the elastic band and get it right where your boots end above your socks.
  • Once you get done doing that, get your pants down and straighten them out.
  • Take the below part of your pants and start to slide and fold them in your elastic band.

If you want them to get a tight military blouse, fold all the extra cloth till it’s the level of your boots. However, if you want to leave a little balloon-style fashion, fold the pants but leave some extra cloth to have that balloon style going on for you.

However, going hiking, in the military, or trekking doesn’t go for fashion. It’s safety and protection that matters, so don’t take the balloon bloused boots; instead of that, go the proper way and close it tightly.

Bloused boots by using an elastic strap

We learned how to blouse boots using elastic bands; now it’s time for an elastic strap. It’s the same procedure, but it is different, and you can do it two ways. What will you need for this method? Well, here are the things you will need:

  • Thick socks
  • Boots
  • Elastic bands
  • Military or similar pants

As I explained earlier in the previous step, the socks need to be thick and above the ankle level. Thick socks are necessary, or the bands and straps can even cut down your blood circulation after staying on thin socks for a while. So now let’s see the first method:

  • Wear your socks, pants, and boots before getting started.
  • Take your elastic band and tie it right where the boots end above your socks.
  • Then straighten up your pants and let them hang.
  • Once it gets done, take the bottom of your pants and start folding and tucking it inside the elastic bands.
  • Make sure it gets nicely tucked inside your pants, or you won’t be safe from the derbies, insects, and cold winds.

Then there is a second way to do almost the same things, but this is more traditional and gives you better-looking blouse boots. So let’s see how to do it:

  • Wear your socks, pants, and boots before getting started.
  • Drop your pants down, and then hold the inside of the bottom of your pants and fold them around your leg.
  • Make sure it’s nice and tight, then take the elastic straps and place them on the inside of your pants.
  • Make sure the strap is above the socks and exactly where the shoe ends.
  • Then pull your pants up, and you will see that the strap holds the pants from inside, and you won’t even see the strap or the folded areas as they will be inside.

This method of blouse boots is the good and proper way to do it with the elastic strap. 

Getting Battle Dress Uniform pants

Bloused Boots
Bloused Boots

These pants are the most straightforward way to know how to blouse pants. All you need is to go to your nearby military store or a store that sells hiking and combat equipment, or you can even buy them online.

These pants already come with an attachable strap in the pants and don’t need you to buy anything extra or do any folding work. The things you will need are:

  • Boots
  • Thick socks
  • Your battle dress pants

Again, make sure your socks are the right size or won’t be as good as you may want. Now, let’s see the steps:

  • Get your boots, socks, and pants on; then, you will see a strap in the bottom of your pants.
  • Tie the strap tightly, and you will be good; after that, there is nothing much to do.

BDU pants are indeed an excellent way to go if you want to go hunting, hiking, and trekking. They are easy and durable and will not let anything come inside your pants and save your boots from insects.


So as we learned the reasons why you need to learn how to blouse boots and the safety that you get from blousing a boot. That includes saving you from insects, derbies, cold weather, and dust.

So make sure you read all the ways and watch the video to understand better how to blouse pants and boots. If there is anything, then let us know below in the comment section.

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