Average Shoe Size For Men In the UK & US: Know how to get the perfect shoe size!

Average Shoe Size For Men In the UK & US: Know how to get the perfect shoe size!

Average Shoe Size For Men In the UK & US

We all love to wear shoes; some like to get leather shoes, some love steel toe, and some are more comfortable with our sneakers and canvas shoes. Depending on our age and fashion sense, we find the best shoe we can.

However, while wearing shoes, we do need them to fit our feet perfectly. Many questions arise like average shoe size for men, average shoe size by height, etc. So don’t worry as I will talk all about the two most used sizes around the world, which are the average shoe size for men in the UK and the US.

Average Shoe Size For Men In the UK & US: Know how to get the perfect shoe size!
Average Shoe Size For Men In the UK & US: Know how to get the perfect shoe size!

Frequently Asked Questions About Average Shoe Size For Men?

Q. Does the size of the shoe matter?

  • It doesn’t matter as long as it fits you, as that’s how it’s supposed to be. So don’t worry about having average feet, tiny feet, or large feet.

Q. The best way to find the right size of shoe?

  • Try wearing it before you buy, get a trial, and make sure it fits your feet and is not uncomfortable in any way.

Q. Do some shoes get to loosen up after a while?

  • Never believe those things, even if it does get opened up later. You don’t want to mess up your feet while waiting and compromising on the size.

Q. Can I trust the online size?

  • Yes, as they always give you the proper size; however, the client gets smaller or bigger size in some cases.

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Factors That Matters in Average Shoe Size For Men

Average Shoe Size By Height
Average Shoe Size By Height

While you may think that getting a shoe is super easy and there are no factors that would make it hard, it’s not that simple. So when you buy shoes, you need to take care of these factors:

Average shoe size by height

Height plays a vital role in shoe size and does change a lot when it comes after puberty. Our body gets made in proportion to balance our body.

So more extensive and taller people usually have larger feet as it’s essential for their body. At the same time, shorter people have short feet, which is appropriate for their body shape.

However, the height and the average shoe size for men also depend on how much you move and your age. So it can grow more prominent in some cases without much increase in height. So height to shoe size might not always matter.

Quick table to showcase Average shoe size by height

5 ft 5 or shorter7 to 9
5 ft 6 inches to 9 inches9.5 to 10.5
5 ft 10 inches to 6 ft 2 inches11 to 12.5
6 ft 3 inches or above13+

Average Shoe Size for Men by Width

Sometimes the average male shoe size, even though you have the same height as another person, your shoe width might be different, and you need to either wear a size more oversized or a smaller shoe.

That can happen for some reason in which the most common reason is the extra weight which leads your feet to stretch out. The tendon also got loose and became flattered over time and age.

How does width measure your shoe sizes?

In many parts of finding an average shoe size for men, we look for the length and forget the width, which is not good. They also come in sizes that get measured in alphabetical order form: AAA, AA, A, B, C, D, E, EE, EEE.

These get primarily measured in subsidized matters from the narrowest shoe to the widest one. The medium and average size by width in women gets considered B, and for Men, it’s D. So remember, when you buy, you check both of them the length and width.

How to find the correct width of your shoe?
  • Have your feet measured by some professional of a shoe store. Many shoe stores have the measuring tools needed, so that’s the easiest way to find the shoe size.
  • Make sure you get measured after wearing your shoe for hours. After a while, your feet get swollen while wearing the shoe, and you want a shoe that will be even comfortable if the feet get swollen.
  • Do you know that every body part is more significant than the other one, even in the foot? So make sure you measure the large feet, and that way, you won’t feel uncomfortable.
  • Measure the width, and don’t go for just size if you are buying shoes online. As for size and width, both are different matters.
  • Try walking in them for a reasonable distance before you purchase them. If you are in a store, make sure you walk for a reasonable distance before accepting they are suitable for your feet. 

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Does the Size of an Average Shoe Size for Men matter?

Average Male Shoe Size
Average Male Shoe Size

The average male shoe size doesn’t matter; it can be small or long; it won’t change how you live that much unless you are an athlete like a swimmer where your feet can work as a propeller while swimming.

So if you are not into similar sports, don’t worry about the myths that more giant shoes mean more significant private parts, etc., as it’s not true and doesn’t matter what will happen to your other body part because of your feet size.

Why does it matter to know your correct size while searching for the average shoe size for men?

The reason is simple: if you don’t buy the right shoe while looking for an average male shoe size. It will make your feet uncomfortable and make you get through a lot of trouble, from foot pain to flat feet and even blisters and other foot irritations. Common problems caused by the wrong side of the shoe are:

  • Corns and Calluses: This happens mostly because of wearing the right shoes and not getting enough room for your feet to move. They are usually the thick hard skin that develops around your feet because of the friction and pressure of the shoes.
  • Ingrown toenails: Ingrown toenail is when the toenail starts to grow sideways and to go inside through the flesh, it hurt so bad. It can be super painful, and it gets said it usually happens because of not enough room in your shoe.
  • Bunions: Have you ever heard about your bones growing? Well, it can happen if you wear tight shoes. They can grow inside the shoe, and tendons can stretch. All of that will lead you to pain, swelling, and a lot of suffering.
  • Hammertoe: Hammertoe is one of the diseases that you don’t want to have. It not only gets your toes bent from the middle, but it also gets them to have corns because of friction and pressure. It’s painful and irritating.

Average shoe size for men in the UK and US

Average shoe size for men in the UK and US
Average shoe size for men in the UK and US

I searched for it, and it seems they both have shoe size nine as the average male shoe size. There isn’t much difference between growth, food, and proteins, so the diet and physical appearance are similar.

However, some believe that the US average shoe size for men is 10, which might be accurate, but it’s debatable. Nine seems the most bought shoe size, so that the average size will be 9 rather than 10.


So as we read that average male shoe size can matter with various factors from height to weight. Also, not buying the right size can leave you hanging, and with many dresses and trouble.

So make sure to check your shoe thoroughly while buying your average shoe size for men. Also, make sure you read all the factors that matter and decide the best shoe for you!

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